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2007-Atlantic Ocean Crossing, RowofLife—66 days
2008-Paralympics in Beijing-Rowing
2009-Indian Ocean Crossing, Pirate Row- 58 days
2010-Row Around Great Britain, SeaGals- 51 days
2011-Atlantic Ocean Crossing, Big Blue- 47 days
2012-Paralympics in London-Shot Put & Javelin(Bronze Medal Shot)
2013-TransPac Solo Row, CA2HI rescued day 8
2014 TransPac Row with Tara Remington 60 days
2016-Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro-Shot Put & Javelin 
2019 TransPac Solo Row, California to Hawaii

Donate To Angela's 2017TransPac Solo Row California to Hawaii
Better yet contact AARP and Health Care companies and urge them to sponsor 59 year old grandmother..

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