What is Adaptive Rowing?


Adaptive Rowing is rowing/sculling for the differently abled. There are classifications of abilities in adaptive rowing similar to paralympic classifications. Fixed seat Arms only for those who can only use arms. Fixed Seat TA class or Trunk and Arms for those who have mobility in lower abdominals and back and LTA for those who can use their legs to slide in sliding seat such as amputee’s and the visually impaired.

Who can participate in Adaptive Rowing?

Everyone is evaluated individually as all individuals with disabilities and limitations are unique.  There are no age restrictions for participation in adaptive rowing within our program.

Competitive rowing opportunities

Indoor rowing

Where are we located?


Pete Archer Rowing Center

Marine Stadium

5750 Boathouse Lane

Long Beach, CA 90803

Transfer lift to get people into boats or water

Other recreational activities

Angela Madsen founded California Adaptive Rowing Programs in 1999

Angela has won gold medals at the World Championships of rowing 2002 thru 2006

Angela’s rowed across the Atlantic Ocean arriving in Antigua on 2/7/08 after 66 days at sea.

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California Adaptive Rowing Programs



We are a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide instruction and training for competitive and recreational opportunities in the sport of rowing to physically and developmentally challenged individuals.  Participation in physical activities is essential to prevent people with disabilities from surrendering themselves to confinement.  Participants gain self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

 Rowers and volunteers learn:

Basic skills of boat handling


Goal setting




Personal Safety


Basic boating Guidelines

Accident prevention and rescue




For rowing schedules, to volunteer or to make a tax deductible donation to help us with the expansion and growth of our program and further our ability to

assist disabled athletes in realization and the fulfillment of their goals contact:

California Adaptive Rowing Programs

 3350 E.7thSt. # 231 Long Beach, CA., 90804


Founder and Director:

Angela Madsen

Cell Phone 562-505-4157




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