Franck Festor


Age 35, born in Metz, France  

June 1987: At 16 years old… injured in a motorcycle accident  

7 years and 31 surgeries later, in 1994, he had to have his leg amputated below the knee  

Married to Laurence, he is the father of 2 boys, Vincent and Alexis

Frank works as IT technician in the 40th Regiment of Transmission (civil personnel)

What is Franck doing now!

Mountain climbing experience translated from French

From return of Argentina and Pissis mount, I return in charge with images and multiple emotions. I expected a strong adventure. But here, c' is the group and the solidarity which made the difference. Finished speaking about handicap, prosthesis or difference. Our only goal was the top. But very quickly, we could measure the width of the spot. L' acclimatization was slow and difficult and as of the first day, youngest Fabien, of the group of us to leave taken by the evil of the mountains and a advanced risk of cerebral oedema. During our rise, j' had much doubt. My prosthesis lacerated me and my stub suffered, calling into l' question; rise of the top. But the m' group; helped to go further without taking the least medical risk. J' however stopped l' venture with more 5700m is with equivalent height of Kilimandjaro. A foot at the top, c' is transformed into a more personal history " With each one its sommet". Only Marianne Chapuisat and a guide will see the top. Eric Lecomte will have posed the bag with the same altitude that me and Frank Bruno will reach 6400m. But each member of the group gave the best of is even without putting in danger l' other… The mountain decides! Here death watches for l' imprudent and a commemorative plaque points out qu' a young English is deceased in 2007. The day of the attempt of the top, a man was reported missing. The life is too beautiful to deserve to die. Wisdom is to admit that l' exploit is elsewhere. " A Volcano s' is extinct… A flame s' is ravivée."
Festor Franck
44 rue de Flanders
54750 Trieux 
tel : 0033 382 33 86 77
gsm : 0033 687 73 13 38
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