RowofLife The Boat

History of the boat

1997 This boat made its first crossing with Jo Le Guen and Pascal Blond

Jo Le Guen suggested to the penal administration that the boat could be built in a penal establishment and that the ocean crossing could be made with a newly released prisoner as an analogy had been drawn between the fortitude required by a rower and that needed to sustain someone in prison. With cooperation between Jo and the prison system, the Atlantic Challenge rowing project of 1997 was born. Jo and Pascal successfully crossed in 49 days 8 hours.

Jo le Guen later attempted to make a solo crossing of the pacific. He lost all his toes due to Gangrene and had to abandon his crossing. He suggested to Frank and Dominique, Amputee’s from Corsica, the possibility of their crossing in the pairs class in his old boat. Jo Le Guen, Angela Madsen, Franck Festor, and one other plan to row the Shepard fours ocean race across the North Atlantic in June of 2006 as Differents? but had to postpone due to politics. Franck and Dominique are successful in their crossing.

2005 Frank Bruno and Dominique Benassi   Bout de Vie 54 days 3 hours and 31 minutes

2007 Franck Festor and Angela Madsen  RowofLife

Rather than abandon the idea of rowing across an ocean, I E-mailed Jo Le Guen about doing the 2007 race solo. Jo le Guen suggested that I row with Franck and that we get the boat, “Bout de Vie“   from Frank and Dominique. Franck and I row very well together. We are both strong and determined. I liked the idea and so does Franck. Now if we can just get to the starting line financially, I know we can be successful in our crossing!  

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