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In June 2010, 4 girls in a 24 foot rowing boat will take on the mighty task of rowing around Great Britain non-stop and completely un-aided. We will face unpredictable and extreme conditions rowing through the changing tides and currents of the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. We’ll be dodging the big boats and ships on the English Channel and facing some huge swells and gales in the North Sea. We will become the FIRST WOMEN EVER TO ROW AROUND GREAT BRITAIN, as well as raising money for Help For Heroes in the process.


As well as being the first women to even dare attempt the challenge, we are also entering a Race. This is a one off opportunity to get involved in the first ever GB Row Challenge 2010 – a rowing race circumnavigating GB  We are 4 ordinary women coming together to achieve something extraordinary. Our ocean rowing boat has been hand-built for speed, our committed crew has been handpicked to win. We are up against big tough men however we will give them a row for their money. By working as a team we hope to be able to experience something incredible and inspire others to follow their dreams.


As part of the inaugural GB Row Challenge 2010, we will be rowing from Tower Bridge, London down the Thames out to sea, around Great Britain and back where we started at Tower Bridge, London. It’s a staggering distance – some 2,010 miles - starting on June 1st 2010. This will take anywhere between 30 and 40 days, rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, all day every day. We will need to be totally self-sufficient as this is an unaided rowing race.


This project is immense. The physical training schedule, the fundraising, the PR, the planning, and the boat and equipment sourcing and preparation, make up more than a full time job. As well as a team of rowing, training and medical experts helping the girls win, they also have a team of media, PR and social networking specialists on hand to gain the project maximum publicity via a well timed and planned publicity campaign. The media attention promises to be huge.

Belinda Kirk, 34, Adventure TV Director and Expedition Leader, Bristol, UK

Belinda has been on 12 major international expeditions in the last 15years. The smallest expedition she’s led was a group of four to China’s Desert of Death, and the largest was leading a team of over one hundred to the Amazon – patroned by HRH Duke of York. She has also sat on the esteemed Jungle Panel at RGS’s Explore and is the founder of Bristol Explorers. As a film-maker she has worked on series such as ‘Ray Mears Bushcraft’, ‘SAS Are You Tough Enough’, 'Bear Grylls Extreme Survival', ‘Hunting Chris Ryan’, ‘Coast’, ‘Monsters We Met’, ‘Living With Gorillas’ and ‘Beyond Boundaries I & II’. A seasoned explorer and adventurer on land this is Belinda's first open water row, having rowed competitively at Oxford University....she is re-acquainting herself with the joy of blisters on every finger

“Expeditions are my life. I’m always looking for my next adventure, something to take me out of my comfort zone. This is the ultimate challenge. We will have the most miserable and most wonderful moments of our lives on our little boat, probably in equal measure. I’m most looking forward to seeing Britain from the ‘outside in’ and least looking forward to being cold and scared. Having worked with the military on many adventures and worked on expeditions with people with disabilities I cannot think of a better charity to support” 





Beverley Ashton, 29, IT Services Manager, Oxfordshire, UK

A late addition to the crew, Beverley has been tracking the SeaGals progress and was honored to be asked to join them in this challenge.

Beverley began rowing at UMIST (now Manchester) University as a way of staying fit and trying something new. As with so many rowing soon became a major part of day to day life and she went on to compete regularly for her University club earning her full colours and taking on Captaincy and coaching of the womens team.

Introduced to trekking by a friend in her early teens this soon developed into a passion for the outdoors and adventure leading her to participate in expeditions to Alaska and Iceland with BSES, however this will be her first sea bound challenge.

I love taking on a challenge but I’ve never done anything like this before. When the opportunity came to join the crew there was never any doubt and I am immensely proud to be able to row along side the other members of the team.

So far all of my adventures have been on land, most recently I’ve been working my way through national trails and long distance paths – there’s something so rewarding about getting from A to B under your own power. There are many things about this challenge that are terrifying and overwhelming, but the chance to compete in such an event and help raise money for such a worthwhile cause easily out weigh any concerns I may have.




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Thanks to SEAWEATHER for liferaft service, flares and lifejackets!

Thanks to OWEN'S ACRES for the Salves, tea, and offer of any product to help SeaGals' sores.  



Angela Madsen, 49, Adaptive Rowing Coach, California, USA 

 Angela is a Guinness World Record holder. She is the 1st woman to row across the Indian Ocean and the 1st disabled woman to row across two oceans. Angela is a seven-time adaptive rowing national team member. Madsen has participated in numerous adaptive sports. She is the founder of the California Adaptive Rowing Program and has a level III coaching certification from US Rowing. Angela’s other sports include Wheelchair Basketball, Kayaking, Surfing, and Ocean Rowing. Angela surfed in the Women’s World Championships of Surfing in Biarritz, France, in 2006 and 2007 and can be spotted at her local surf breaks regularly hanging two.

In February of 2003, the Amateur Athletic Foundation named Angela as a recipient of the Women Who Inspire Us Award; in September of 2003, she received the Leo Reilly, Jr. Award for outstanding spirit and determination. She is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a life member of both the Disabled American Veterans and the Paralyzed Veterans of America.


Laura Thomasson, 24, Royal Navy Nurse, Portsmouth, UK.

Laura began rowing at her home town rowing club, Dover, where she competed at coastal regattas along the South Coast and coxed across the channel from Dover to Calais. Laura is now an active member of the Royal Navy (RN) and has twice represented the RN at the World Indoor Rowing Championships and has taken part in charity endurance races such as the London to Southampton run for the “Not Forgotten Association.”


 “Adventurous sports have always appealed to me and it is unbelievably exciting to be on the precipice of one of the ultimate endurance challenges. I am lucky to have the support of my unit, MDHU Portsmouth, who have encouraged me to train and compete in the Anglo American Boat Race. As a representative of the RN I am also proud that the race will be in aid of the “Help for Heroes” charity for wounded military personnel. I relish the opportunity to row with such an acclaimed crew of ladies, with the prospect of making history as the first women to row around Britain and I look forward to the wealth of experiences that the wild, wet and windy GB coastline has to offer. Bring on the waves!”

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